Tip Toey Joey produces 100% of its products at their manufacturing facility located in Franca, São Paulo, Brazil. Since its foundation, in 2005, the brand is extremely committed to the highest quality standards in its production process.

Every product developed and manufactured by Tip Toey Joey goes through strict quality tests, from its conception up to the point of sales.

Tests are executed both at Tip Toey Joey’s internal lab and by specialized companies, where every material used in manufacturing is tested.

Besides laboratory tests, we also have a team of trained inspectors participating on multiple stages of the process. They are responsible for the visual inspection of products and for guaranteeing the compliance of quality standards and specifications demanded by our customers.

Though rare, little flaws and defects in the manufacturing process may occur due to the semi-artisanal techniques in our production.

Tip Toey Joey’s Customer Service manages the returns to analyze manufacturing defects.

Every return is carefully analyzed by our technicians. If there is a flaw, it is identified and mistakes are corrected, reinforcing the company’s commitment to its quality standards.

Customer Service

If you need any further information or have any doubts regarding our payment policy, please contact our Customer Service at e-mail us at [email protected]..